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Otah Otah Spicy Fish Paste / Muar Malaysia / Halal

Otah Otah Spicy Fish Paste / Muar Malaysia / Halal

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Otah Otah Spicy Fish Paste [MUAR MALAYSIA]
Weight: 180grm Nett
Product of Malaysia
Specifications: Halal Certified
Ingredient: Fish, prawn, coconut milk, curry powder, chilli, spices
Allergen: Contains Crustacean and Fish

Cooking Instruction:
Steam for 15min
Microwave for 5min (high heat)

Kept Frozen

Experience the fiery fusion of flavors with our Muar Fish Otah! Bursting with aromatic spices and the freshest catch from the sea, our Muar Fish Otah is a tantalizing delight that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Muar. Each bite unveils a harmonious blend of perfectly grilled fish, fragrant herbs, and a hint of spice that will ignite your senses. Crafted with passion and tradition, our Muar Fish Otah is a must-have for seafood enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey and savor the authentic taste of Muar with every mouthwatering bite!

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