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Souper Tang Concentrated Birdnest 汤师父浓缩冰糖燕窝 [3 servings]

Souper Tang Concentrated Birdnest 汤师父浓缩冰糖燕窝 [3 servings]

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Master Tang Concentrated Birdnest (150ml x 3 Bottles)

Bird's nest is known as "Oriental treasure, a rare and famous medicine". Since the Ming Dynasty, there are about a dozen traditional Chinese medicine books that describe the efficacy of bird's nest. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, bird's nest is a kind of nourishing holy product that is neither cold nor dry. It belongs to the lung, kidney and stomach meridians. According to modern medicine, bird's nest has a broad-spectrum inhibitory effect on "respiratory system and anti-virus", and can also improve human immunity, anti-aging and delay skin aging.

A really good bird's nest uses only pure water + 80% pure swiftlet + 20% rock sugar ❤️
Every bottle uses only pure golden swiftlet + pure water + rock sugar to achieve true "zero" added = no added preservatives
The taste is light and sweet, very refreshing. It is ok to drink it hot or cold.

The ingredients are simple and safe, and the bird's nest has also obtained:
✅Jakim Halal

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