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[Bundle of 2] 200grm Frozen Unagi Kabayaki 日式蒲烧鳗鱼

[Bundle of 2] 200grm Frozen Unagi Kabayaki 日式蒲烧鳗鱼

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[Bundle of 2] Frozen Unagi Kabayaki 日式蒲烧鳗鱼
Specifications: 2 pkt
Weight: 200grm/Pkt (+/- 10%)
Size: 50P
Shelf Life: 2 years (Stored in the freezer)
Texture: Mild Sweet, Deep & Rich Eel Smell

Japanese seasoned broiled eel fish (鰻魚) is pre-marinated and is ready to consume after thawed. Microwave for 3-5 min if you prefer it to be served hot.

Benefits: Eel is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and contains good amount of various nutrients, including protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese, zinc and iron. Eel can help to reduce wrinkles, improve the skin health and ease menstrual pain. It also has many health benefits like slowing down tumor growth and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Additionally, consuming eel can improve blood flow to the brain, improve memory and learning and possibly reduce the risk of dementia.

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