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XL Canadian Scallop Meat 加拿大扇贝 500g

XL Canadian Scallop Meat 加拿大扇贝 500g

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XL Canadian Scallop Meat 加拿大扇贝
Weight: 500grm/Pkt
Shelf Life: 2 years (Stored in Freezer)
Specifications: Size 21/25; Origin is from Canada, Packed in China (Note: Packaging will write China as it is packed in China, however you may wish to google the brand "Clean Ocean" which will state that its origin is from Canada. Please only consider this item if you are comfortable with this fact. Thank you)
No additives and preservatives added. Halal certified.

Benefits: Scallops contain essential nutrients for the brain and nervous system. They also offer a considerable amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as zinc and cancer-fighting vitamin B12. Frozen scallops can be as delicious as fresh scallop, while being more affordable. As quoted by Seaver, "As soon as they hit the dock, they hit the freezer, which means they're frozen at the peak of quality”.

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